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Beverly Sills 1929 -2007

Our specializations:

Psicologia clinica espai neutral

Clinical psychology

Our specialization in clinical psychology gives us expertise in reducing people’s suffering, which appears in an infinite variety of symptoms: anxiety, depression, phobias, obsessions, addictions, breakdowns in relationships, couples counseling, grief work, etc.

terapia para la depresión

Adult psychotherapy

Life’s crises and stressors, at work, at home and within the individual, often make such demands that we lose our passion and sense of meaning in life. We use a brief, yet deep, therapy format to help people rediscover themselves and their surroundings.

Psicoleg nens i adolescents

Child and adolescent psychotherapy

Crises are taking an especially heavy toll on those of us who are still developing. Today’s young people are susceptible to new sets of problems, difficulties with school performance and conflict in family life. We work to help children and adolescents find their balance.

Gifted and Talented

The gifted are often misunderstood and subjected to too many demands, leading them to have difficulty finding motivation and their place in the world. We work holistically and in coordination with the professionals and relatives close to the child, adolescent, young adult or adult to help them feel better and develop their abilities.

Conferencies Psicologia


We offer an eminently practical two-year training program for psychologists, social workers and other professionals interested in reducing people’s suffering. Trainees attend sessions where they are in direct contact with patients from day one. They learn to make diagnoses and carry out concrete therapeutic interventions.

We offer treatment in Catalan or in Spanish, following the patient/client’s preference

Espai Neutral

Why us?

Because we are clinical psychologists

We are fully trained as professional mental health professionals.

Reliable team

All members of our team are certified and members of professional associations.


Affordable pricing

We offer you value for money


Flexible timetable

We are adaptable and schedule our sessions to fit our patients’ schedules.

20 years of experience

We have more than 20 years of experience in private practices.

We use new technology

We use WhatsApp and Skype to keep in touch with our patients.

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